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The Wheel of Life

When I first started working with my own coach, he taught me to create a Wheel of Life so we could see where I was and where I wanted to be in the various areas of my life. It's a great tool to periodically check in on, and it reminds me to aim high in the most important areas. (It's also something that I use with my own clients to help jump start our relationship and my understanding of how they see the world.)

Luckily, I found a website that will help you generate your own Wheel of Life. If that's too high tech for you, go ahead and draw a circle on a piece of paper, and then subdivide it into ten areas:

  1. Home/Physical Environment

  2. Partner/Love/Relationship

  3. Health/Fitness

  4. Growth/Learning

  5. Career/Business/Work

  6. Money/Finance

  7. Family/Friends/Social Relationships

  8. Community

  9. Fun

  10. Spirituality

Then, on a scale of 1-10, rate your satisfaction in each area. With 1 being the center of the circle, draw an arc in each tenth around the level you rated that area. (So if you rated Home a 5, you'd draw the arc in the middle of that section.)

Once you're done, you can see how well your "wheel" would roll... which might just give you the motivation to make some changes in the most troubled tenths.

An added exercise? Define what a ten in each area would look like!

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