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Group Coaching

Positive Intelligence Coaching Program:
Six Weeks to Greater Mental Fitness!

Next cohort starts June 1!

The Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coaching Program is an incredible mental fitness program that enables wellness, performance, and positive relationships. The six-week program empowers you to create sustained change toward a more positive mind by laying down neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. 

The PQ operating system provides the opportunity to identify and decrease negative thoughts, what we call Saboteurs, and work to increase positive thoughts, what we call Sage. You will complete a Saboteur assessment as you begin the PQ Program to help identify your top Saboteurs. You'll complete online video learning and practice at your own pace throughout each of the six weeks. 

I will guide you through the six-week program where you experience daily practice, a weekly focus, the PQ gym, and community - and using the PQ app, you'll be able to measure your progress!  
The course is completely self-paced with only one fixed time requirement a week, a small group discussion that provides you opportunities to connect, ask questions, and discuss the challenges you're facing with the new information. 

What's included: 

  • Access to the PQ app, which is available on Apple and Android, as well as a desktop version 

  • Weekly hour-long videos and daily 15-minute app-guided exercises 

  • A PQ Gym that includes guided sessions to practice and log PQ reps, a foundational practice for building your mental fitness 

  • An internal social network for the PQ Program 

  • A coach-led support and accountability group, to meet once a week to discuss the week's training

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