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Personal Coaching

Each Engagement is Unique

No two clients are looking for the same thing, but they do tend to fall into four main areas:

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Career Direction

I help established professionals take a step back from the day-to-day of their careers and uncover what work means to them and what the right next move is.

Burnout Recovery Coaching

Burnout recovery

Work has changed -- and not always for the better -- in the last few years.  Large numbers of people are suffering from burnout (and don't even know it).  I help unhappy professionals reconnect to what makes work meaningful and worth doing.

Leadership Development Coaching

Leadership development

I work with mid- to senior-level managers who need help with goal setting, delegating, feedback, engagement, communication, or other tactical elements of managing and leading a team.

Self Awareness Coaching


I weave self-awareness through all my coaching to help my clients better understand themselves, what they want, and what's getting in their way.  Then we make a plan to overcome obstacles and reach all kinds of goals.

With a background in corporate learning and development and a degree in theatre, I understand both the challenges of being a corporate manager and pursuing an artistic endeavor. I combine everything I've learned in both training and acting to pull the best out of people and help them see things in new ways.

I believe that fit between coach and client is the most important key to a successful outcome.  That's why I do a free, no-risk, sample session for every new client.  If you don't feel comfortable and excited to work together, there's no obligation.

Book your free, no-risk sample today!

What My Personal Clients Say

"Like a physical coach would, Kate helped me to develop the skills and tools needed to navigate life forward, ultimately restrengthening all my life pillars. Six sessions with her changed my entire life and outlook. My career has blossomed, my relationship has progressed and I have never been happier." -- MM, London

"Kate is an incredible coach and a strong and powerful communicator that blew me away with her ability to listen and use her intuition to diagnose what next steps needed to be taken." -- Janelle, NYC

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