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Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching

Behind every professional is a human being with needs, dreams, and plans.  When coaching clients professionally, I take into account all aspects of their lives to make sure they are able to bring their whole selves to what they do.

I've run hundreds of hours of coursework on leadership, management, and communication and have a variety of tools, activities, exercises, and applications to help even the most stuck employees make real change.

My proven approach to coaching inside an organization starts with getting alignment from the employee being coached, their manager, and HR.  When all three parties are on the same page about the goals for the coaching engagement, and all relevant feedback and expectations have been shared, then the coaching begins.  

I design bespoke engagements based on the unique needs of my clients, in addition to offering standard (discounted) packages for coaching multiple employees. ​

I also run 360 feedback processes both out-of-the-box and customized to your organization.

With a background in corporate HR, I understand the complex interplays between teams, peers, and cultural systems and bring that awareness to my coaching.  

"[Kate] is a true expert in leadership coaching. She is insightful, tenacious, and sensible. Through very organized methodologies she is able to help her coachees find their own questions and answers to set their own goals and actionable steps to achieve them." - Camilo Plazas, Group Director Client Engagement, VMLY&R "Kate didn’t teach me how to show up as a different person at work, but asked me why I felt I needed to. Her thoughtful assignments and insightful observations helped me realize that the parts of me I thought might hold me back, were actually what would propel me forward. And she was right. I can’t thank her enough." - Tara Rossi, SVP Group Creative Director, ARC Worldwide

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