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L&D Consulting

Facilitating Learning Events

I've been a learning facilitator -- both in person and virtually -- for over 15 years.  I train on a wide array of topics and have a sizable course catalog to address your learning and training needs.

Designing & Writing Training

As an instructional designer, I keep myself up to date on the recent trends in learning approaches and technologies, focusing on creating interactive, engaging and meaningful sessions that stick with learners.

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Upgrading Onboarding

A recent survey shows about 30% of new hires leave their companies in the first six months.  Having the right onboarding makes a difference, and I work with companies to identify moments that matter in the course of the new hire's journey from candidate to comfortable.

Improving Career Conversations

Annual goal setting isn't nimble enough to pivot as your business changes and people come and go.  I work with your teams to design and teach a goal setting and feedback process that allows you the flexibility and communication you need -- and that your people expect from a modern workplace.  

Building Competencies

I've worked on a variety of custom competencies projects, from identifying competencies to creating role-by-role and level-by-level behavioral indicators.

Training Your Trainers

An experienced educator and former actor, I understand how to get the best performances out of people.  Using tools from both acting and L&D, I help presenters and trainers captivate their audiences and get their messages across with ease.

L&D Consulting

"Kate’s knowledge of adult learning and her ability to put together a learning series that is engaging, highly relevant and provides long term value for participants, is just incredible. I learned so much from her. Beyond that, she is a pleasure to work with. Always positive, always prepared, always supportive."

Pam Morrisroe

Chief Marketing Officer, JDRF

Staff Meeting

"Whether creating a training curriculum from scratch or rolling out something already made (with her spin added to it) Kate is an amazing training and coaching professional. I hope I have the pleasure of working with her again in the future!"

Laser Baird

HR Director, Consumer Edge

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