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Goal Setting 2022: Identifying Roadblocks

You've written your goals (SMARTly, of course) and you're ready to go. Before you drive off into the sunset in pursuit of your goals, though, it's a good idea to get clear on some of the things that could crop up along the way and keep you from your destination.

Planning for obstacles helps you in moments of crisis. When you anticipate some of the things that could come up and make a plan for how to handle them, you've got something to rely on in the moment.

Spend some time thinking about the following questions:

Internal Roadblocks

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do I believe I will accomplish my goal?

If it's not a 10, what would I need to do to fully believe that I can?

How much energy do I have to accomplish my goal? (1 to 10)

How willing am I to commit to this goal, even when I am tired? (1 to 10)

What can I say to myself when I am tired and don’t want to commit to this?

How important is it to me to accomplish this goal? (1 to 10)

If it's not a 10, what would I need to do to make this feel important?

What, if anything, am I afraid of?

External Roadblocks

What stands in the way of attaining my goal? (If I’ve aimed for this goal before, what got in my way last time?)

Who might not want me to change, and why?

What in my life needs to change before I can achieve this goal? (Think of physical, external changes, not mental or internal ones.)

What can I do to prepare myself for these roadblocks?

Here's a quick set of examples of how anticipating and planning for obstacles -- especially those related to motivation -- can set you up for success!

Willpower and determination are important, but they're also renewable resources. It's important to have activities (or people, or songs, or mantras, or whatever floats your motivational boat) that reconnect you to your willpower and determination before they get too depleted.

In my next post, we'll also look at six other things you can rely on (aside from willpower) to keep you going.

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