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98% of HR is burnt out

86% has more stress

70% had one of the hardest years ever

48% are looking to leave

Stressed out HR professional

HR has dealt with more than the rest of us.

They've handled layoffs and furloughs and then had to staff those empty positions when business picked up again (and the hiring market is nuts). They've written policies for hybrid work, masking, vaccines, and everything else unexpected that has come up - with no guardrails, playbook, or even their own experience to draw from. They've had to manage the return-to-office (making at least some of us unhappy) while also focusing on DEI initiatives and everyone else's sub-par mental health. It's been a rough couple of years.

It's time to offer them some support

There is no HR for HR.  They handle our challenges and often suffer in silence, refusing to prioritize themselves over the people they serve.  It's time to give them the tools, connections, and space they need to reconnect with their passions and help build the cultures we're expecting them to build.  

Supported HR Professional

It's time for them to THRIVE!

THRIVE is a different kind of program

A combination of training and coaching, THRIVE offers participants a safe community where they can share their struggles, learn valuable content, and bring home the tools they need to tackle burnout in others.  In just 16 weeks, they'll get 14 hours of support -- four classes, four group coaching sessions, and four 1:1 coaching sessions to really deepen their learning and transform their own situations and organizations.

There's nothing like this on the marketplace -- a program designed especially for the unique challenges facing HR leaders at this exact moment in time.  Don't miss it!

What's covered?

To prevent burnout or recover, it's critical to do four things:

1. Diagnose and address the root causes of burnout (and hint: they're not all overwork)

2. Reconnect to purpose and reignite the passion for what you do

3. Set or strengthen all kinds of boundaries

4. Prioritize real self-care (not just coping with Dr. Netflix)

Each month we take on one of these four topics in group and 1:1 formats.

When is the next session?

The next cohort starts September 6, 2023, and runs until the end of December.  Sessions are on the first Wednesday of every month, group coaching is in the second week, and 1:1 coaching is scheduled flexibly in the last two weeks.

Who's it for?

THRIVE is ideal for mid- to senior-level HR partners, ideally those who lead others or are a one-stop-shop for all things HR.  It's right for Business Partners, Acquisition, Learning & Development, Comp & Benefits,  HR Ops, or anyone whose main clients are the people of the organization.

What does it cost?

The 16-week program costs $2,000.  Scholarships and payment plans are available.


How do I learn more?

For a flyer to share with an HR partner about THRIVE, click here.  Or you can reach out to Kate by email or phone and she can walk you through what to expect and how to participate.

L&D Consulting

"Kate’s knowledge of adult learning and her ability to put together a learning series that is engaging, highly relevant and provides long term value for participants, is just incredible. I learned so much from her. Beyond that, she is a pleasure to work with. Always positive, always prepared, always supportive."

Pam Morrisroe

Chief Marketing Officer, JDRF

Group coaching

"Whether creating a training curriculum from scratch or rolling out something already made (with her spin added to it) Kate is an amazing training and coaching professional. I hope I have the pleasure of working with her again in the future!"

Laser Baird

HR Director, Consumer Edge

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