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Get what you want out of work and life.


I create custom packages based on the unique needs of my clients.
Below are a few of my different offerings, but I can mix and match them depending on the situation. 

I work with small and large organizations to define their L&D strategy, pitch new clients, and act as their in-house learning team, designing, writing, and delivering a wide array of learning interventions.  

I help creative, self-aware people who feel stuck unleash their natural problem-solving creativity by shifting the way they look at things. Together we identify what's keeping you stuck and use customized techniques to set you free.

My sweet spot is working with supervisory and new managers, both in and out of HR. I have a variety of packages available depending on the number of employees coached and the hours or outcomes needed.  


My online courses are developed for impact and growth, both personally and professionally.  It's a very cost-effective way to tap into some knowledge and start to open doors before considering coaching or in-person facilitation.

Myers-Briggs Certified Professional Interpreter
Kate Siegel Headshot


A graduate of Yale University and a former NYC-based actress (no, I was never on Law & Order), I've been developing human potential since 2009.  I'm an ICF Certified Professional Coach with more than 15 years in corporate learning and development and a deep understanding of what motivates behavior.  I pull from a variety of disciplines to help people, teams, and organizations reach their personal and professional goals and live more fully.

ICF PCC Professional Certified Coach

Kate's thoughtful assignments and insightful observations helped me realize that the parts of me I thought might hold me back were actually what would propel me forward. And she was right. I can’t thank her enough.

Tara Rossi

Kate is an excellent career coach. She can listen to your "blocks" and discern quickly what might be holding you up. She weaves personal counseling with professional advice, so you are not only bettering your career trajectory, you are bettering yourself.

Stephanie Escajeda

Kate knows how to command a room and coach big groups of people as well as connect authentically and genuinely one on one. If you're looking for someone to help you and your team grow as leaders, Kate's your person!

James Phillips


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