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Saboteur Interpretation

Greater Awareness for Greater Understanding

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The Saboteur Assessment, developed by Shirzad Chamine, measures the presence and influence of internal "saboteurs" -- the negative, critical, or unfriendly voices in your head.

Looking at various negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs (referred to as "saboteurs") you're asked to reflect on how frequently you experience thoughts and behaviors associated with each saboteur. It helps you recognize the extent to which these saboteurs influence your worldview, emotions, and behaviors.

Once you've identified your primary and secondary saboteurs, you'll gain insight into recurring patterns of self-sabotage and negative thinking that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.


In addition to identifying saboteurs, the assessment introduces the concept of "sage" qualities, which represent positive and empowering aspects of your core essence. These sage qualities include traits such as empathy, creativity, curiosity, and resilience.

Included for free in the Positive Intelligence Group Coaching Program, this assessment has life-changing impacts across all kinds of situations.

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