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DISC Interpretation

Greater Awareness for Greater Understanding

The DISC assessment measures your behavioral preferences across four primary dimensions:

  1. Dominance (D): the extent to which you are assertive, results-oriented, and confident

  2. Influence (I): how social, enthusiastic, and persuasive you are

  3. Steadiness (S): your preference for stability, cooperation, and patience, and 

  4. Conscientiousness (C): your focus on accuracy, organization, and attention to detail

The DISC model provides insights into how you interact with others, approach tasks, make decisions, and handle challenges based on your unique combination of these four behavioral dimensions. By understanding these preferences, you can adapt your communication and behavior to better connect with others, collaborate effectively, and get what you're looking for.

How it Works:

You start by completing an online questionnaire, which creates a personalized profile highlighting your dominant and secondary behavioral styles.  We review the profile together, looking at the characteristics and tendencies associated with each behavioral style, helping you better understand your own preferences and those of others.  We'll talk about how your preferences are helping and hurting you in specific situations and we'll develop strategies for leveraging your strengths, improving areas of weakness, and adapting your behavior to different situations and people.

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