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Character Strengths Interpretation

Greater Awareness for Greater Understanding

The VIA Character Strengths assessment measures your core character strengths and virtues. Developed by positive psychology researchers Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman, this assessment is grounded in the belief that focusing on strengths and virtues can lead to greater well-being and fulfillment.


The assessment identifies and ranks your key character strengths from a list of 24 universal strengths, which include qualities such as kindness, curiosity, bravery, perseverance, honesty, creativity, and love of learning.

​You'll receive a personalized profile highlighting your top character strengths, ranked in order of prominence. This profile provides insights into your unique combination of strengths and virtues.

With this information, we then talk about how you can leverage your character strengths in various aspects of your day-to-day, leading to a strengths-based approach and a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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